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Welcome to Adult Outlet, your ultimate destination for pleasure and playfulness! We are beyond excited to introduce you to you the AnimHole collection from the daring and audacious Gangbangsters!

Get ready to unleash your wildest fantasies with these animal-inspired delights that will have you roaring with delight. The AnimHole range is not for the faint of heart; it's designed to take you on an exhilarating journey of passion and desire. Embrace your inner beast and prepare to explore pleasure like never before with our hardcore products that are sure to leave you breathless.

Introducing the AnimHole Horse Dildo – powerful, majestic, and built to satisfy your cravings with a size that'll leave you galloping toward ecstasy. If you're feeling a little frisky, the Doggy Dildo will have you begging for more, designed to hit all the right spots and deliver a loyal companion for your pleasure. And for those who believe in enchanting pleasure, the Unicorn Dildo will take you to a magical realm of delights, where pleasure knows no bounds.

At Adult Outlet, we take pride in bringing you the finest products, and the AnimHole collection is no exception. Each toy is made from body-safe materials, prioritizing your well-being and pleasure. Let go of inhibitions and embrace the untamed pleasures that await you.

We know that pleasure should have no boundaries, and with the AnimHole collection, you can indulge in your deepest desires, explore uncharted territories, and experience the extraordinary.

Are you ready to embark on this wild adventure with AnimHole from Gangbangsters? Come on in, explore, and let your inner animal out to play. At Adult Outlet, satisfaction is just a roar away!

Animhole Bull Dildo Animhole Bull Dildo

Experience the Animhole Bull extreme dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole range, with its 25cm insertable length and width from 4 - 6.7..

Weight: 0.84 kg


Animhole Djumbo Dildo Animhole Djumbo Dildo

Take Dumbo for a ride tonight; the Animhole Djumbo dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole range has an insertable length of 18cm and width from 4 -..

Weight: 0.36 kg


Animhole German Doggy Dildo Animhole German Doggy Dildo

The smooth German Doggy dildo features 25cm insertable length and an impressive width ranging from 5 -9cm.Designed in the shape of a dog's penis, its ..

Weight: 1.03 kg


Animhole Horse Dildo Animhole Horse Dildo

A whopping horse dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole collection. With an insertable length of 35cm width ranging from 6.5cm on the tassel, increasing..

Weight: 1.75 kg


Animhole Maltese Dog Dildo Animhole Maltese Dog Dildo

The Maltese Dog Dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole range measures 16.5 x 6.5cm and comes with a suction cup base...

Weight: 0.33 kg


Animhole Pangolin Dildo Animhole Pangolin Dildo

The Pangolin dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole collection features a straight & flexible shape with scales on the shaft, for an intense sensati..

Weight: 0.52 kg


Animhole Unicorn Didlo Animhole Unicorn Didlo

Featuring a twisted shape for a unique sensation, the Unicorn dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole range has an insertable length of 19cm and width of..

Weight: 0.35 kg


Animhole Wallaby Dildo Animhole Wallaby Dildo

The unique and ultra-stimulating Wallaby dildo from the Gangbangster Animhole collection has an insertable length of 29cm and width of 7cm at its the ..

Weight: 0.93 kg


Animhole Whales Dildo Animhole Whales Dildo

Dive into an ocean of pleasure with the WHALES dildo from the ANIMHOLE range. This unique and exciting sex toy is designed with a shape that will make..

Weight: 1.16 kg


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