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Kegel Exercisers

Just as the name sounds, women turn to Kegel Exercisers to help them strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles sit in layers in and around your pelvic openings where you sit. This is where you should feel your Kegel exercises. When your pelvic floor muscles contract during Kegel exercises, your pelvic openings should squeeze closed and you should feel an inwards lifting movement in and around all of your pelvic openings. No matter your level, we have a range of kegels balls, eggs and vaginal dilators, to assist you in your pelvic floor strengthening journey.

bswish Bfit Classic Kegal Balls bswish Bfit Classic Kegal Balls

Who doesn't want stronger, more frequent orgasms? Train your pleasure sensitivity with the Bfit Classic love balls, a customizable Kegel workout, comp..


Fantasy For Her Kegel TrainHer Set Fantasy For Her Kegel TrainHer Set

It was her little secret. She had started with the lightest kegel train-her almost two weeks ago and had worked her way up to the heaviest kegel train..


Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit

The dilator set may restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort. It is a 5-piece kit for gradual dilation, that is ergonomically curved for ease o..


Inspire Silicone Vibrating Dilator Kit 3 Piece Set

The 3-piece Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit is designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind. The ergonomically curved tools are thoughtfully created ..


Inspire Vibrating Remote Kegel Exerciser Inspire Vibrating Remote Kegel Exerciser

Helps to tighten, strengthen and revive pelvic control with 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation, plus incremental speed control. Its m..


Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit Inspire Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit

To help strengthen and revitalize pelvic muscles this 3-piece Kegel training set is made out of silicone with easy retrieval cords. Ergonomically desi..


iSex USB Vibrating Kegal Balls

Give "plug-n-play" a whole new meaning with this incredible collection of portable USB-powered pleasure devices. All iSex travel accessories are easy-..


Je Joue Ami Kegals Balls Purple

Deeper, richer orgasms with the world's first progressive Kegel setWith three progressive weights – from soft weight single ball to hard and heavy dou..


Kegel Training Set Mango Kegel Training Set Mango

Revitalize and strengthen love muscles with the unique 3-piece Mango Kegel Training Set. Give your pelvic floor muscles the training they have been cr..


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