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Female Pumps

We have a range of Female Pumps, all dedicated to satisfying her. There are nipple stimulators, clitoral stimulators and pussy pumps, each offering a unique state of pleasure. If you like the sound of an engorged, pump, stimulated and sensitive vulva, consider a pussy pump. If you want to taunt and tease your breasts, then we turn your attention to a nipple pump or nipple sucker stimulators. All make for the perfect, visually appealing toy to enhance both solo and couple's play.

Advanced Nipple Suckers Advanced Nipple Suckers

Introducing the Advanced Nipple Suckers, your gateway to heightened sensitivity and intense pleasure. These nipple enhancers are meticulously designed..


Bondage Fetish Nipple Suckers Bondage Fetish Nipple Suckers

These easy-to-use silicone comfort Nipple Suckers will get you perked up and ready for extra sensitivity and sensation. Play alone or enslave you..


Clit Sucker Pump

Anatomically shaped clit sucker and vacuum pump with release valve. Feels like sucking lips!..


Crystal Clear Multi Female Sucker

Crazy sucking and sucking feelings!Simply place the Multi Sucker on the nipple and or clitoris and create the pleasure vacuum with the handy pump ball..


Dual Masseuse For Nipples And Clitoris

A 2 pack of silicone hand held suckers for the nipples and also for the clitoris. Just place on the desired area and squeeze the bulbous end for sucti..


Fantasy For Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her Fantasy For Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her

The Fantasy For Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her is the ultimate in women's sexual pleasure.FeaturesWith suction and vibration, for intense clitoral stimul..


Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump

Sexual arousal and visual stimulation skyrocket for a well-pumped pussy. Dole out or deny stronger orgasms with the Fetish Fantasy Series High In..


Fetish Fantasy Mini Pussy Pump Fetish Fantasy Mini Pussy Pump

Prepare to experience new levels of pleasure.With the Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Pussy Pump, you and your lover will enjoy the erotic sensations and i..


Fetish Fantasy Series Super Sucker Trio For Clit And Nipples

When you're looking for intense suction pleasure without the use of an external pump, the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Sucker Trio is the perf..


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