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Vac-U-Lock Sex System

Vac-U-Lock is an impressive attachment-compatible sex toy system. Browse their complete sets and attachments, here at Adult Outlet.

Kink Power Ranger Cock Collector 10 Piece Kit Kink Power Ranger Cock Collector 10 Piece Kit

Turn your Power Banger Fucking Machine setup into an all-out orgy. This deluxe accessory pack holds everything you need to satisfy every hole, includi..


Kink Squirting Cumplay Cock 10 Inches Kink Squirting Cumplay Cock 10 Inches

Ready to get wet? The Squirting Cumplay Cock's handheld syringe control lets you bust a load on command anywhere you can imagine. Fill it with the enc..


Vac-U-Lock 8 Inch Black Attachment

This is an ultra-realistic 8" dildo attachment for your Vac-U-Lock system.Dildo can be used with or without a harness. The perfect tool for your next ..


Vac-U-Lock Perfect 7 inch Attachment

This is the ultra-realistic 7" Perfect Vac-U-Lock attachment for your Vac-U-Lock system. The perfect size. The perfect look. The perfec..


VacULock 6 inch Flesh Attachment

Give your erotic lover the best choice on offer with the variety the Vac-u-lock system brings! This is a gorgeous realistic looking erotic Dong attach..


VacULock 8 inch Flesh Attachment

These amazing dongs can be used with the Vac-u-lock system harness', alternatively, they can be used as standalone dildos. Either way, you and your pa..


VacULock Classic 8 inch Attachment

This Vac U Lock attachment is a Classic! It's straight with molded veins, and can be used alone or with the Ultra Harness 2 and Plug..


VacULock Jeff Stryker Realistic Attachment

Have your lover gasping in anticipation and writhing in orgasmic pleasure with this massive replica moulded from the man himself. This gorgeously sati..


VacULock Kong Realistic Dong Attachment VacULock Kong Realistic Dong Attachment

The Kong, king of the bedroom and sexual playtime! Kong the beast of eroticism! The Kong Realistic, a full beastly 9 inch x 2 inch of orgasmic power! ..


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